My LemonForce® Studio

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My LemonForce® Studio

With the LemonForce® Studio you can easily integrate applications and services yourself.

LemonForce® Studio is a low code integration product that allows you to connect software systems with little or no programming experience. The tool is user-friendly, visual and offers ready-to-use components to easily integrate your mobile apps, cloud applications and on-premise packages.

LemonForce® Studio makes building integrations possible by the right people. You know your business. You know the critical processes within your organization. And you know how and why an integration leads to process improvement. Then you are the right person to build the integration. And you do not need a development background with LemonForce® Studio.

Of course, integrating software can sometimes be complex and you still need the help of a developer. No point. Your developer can write the tricky technical components in LemonForce® Studio. You can use it again with the other building blocks in the LemonForce® Studio. Knowledge of business and IT come together in one tool.

Constantly new components (building blocks) are added to LemonForce® Studio. The tool also offers developers the possibility to write components for LemonForce® Studio themselves.

At this moment the following components are available:

Adaptive Insights Azure Service Bus CSV Dropbox
Encryptie XML XML Schema (XSD) Oracle
SQL Server REST API Webservices (SOAP) Email
Unit4 Financials Webservices Unit4 Financials XMLi ActiveMQ OData

Deploying your LemonForce® Studio applications is an crucial part of the tool. LemonForce® Studio supports the following deployments:

EXE DLL Windows Service
Azure Webjob Azure Function REST API

Developers can also write their own deployments for use within LemonForce® Studio.

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Fast development

Building integrations with little or even without writing code thanks to the ready-to-use functionalities of the LemonForce® Studio.

Bring business and IT together in one tool

Let business and IT build integrations together in the LemonForce Studio.

For everyone

Very user-friendly, personal support and clear costs. If you want to get acquainted with the LemonForce® Studio, request a demo online.


Lightning-fast integration with LemonForce® Studio building blocks

Breeze is specialized software for recording wind turbine performance. Adaptive Insights is a well-known package for business planning, reporting and forecasting. A large owner of wind farms in the Netherlands utilizing both systems wanted to link them.

Thanks to ready-to-use building blocks from LemonForce® Studio, the integration was “a breeze”.

LemonForce® Studio offers ready-to-use building blocks for integration.

In fact, integration was simply a matter of visually clicking the building blocks together and generating the integration application.